Monday, August 2, 2010

I Vacationed With Cloth Diapers and I Liked It!

While planning our annual Lake Tahoe vacation, I had a hard time at first deciding if I was going to use cloth or disposable diapers for the duration of our stay. Many cloth- diapering mamas opt for disposables because dealing with cloth on vacation can seem like a daunting task. The cabin where we were staying was not equipped with laundry facilities so if I decided to bring my cloth along there would have to be a trip to the laundry mat involved which at first I thought would be crazy! Going to the laundry mat on MY one and only VACATION!!??? You’ve got to be out of your mind, I told myself. But then I thought about how much better our cloth diapers work for our son, how they never leak, zero diaper rash, all the money we would save not buying disposables for two weeks, (which equals more vacation money for shopping and food!) the environmental impact of course-(Keep Tahoe Blue!) and well, how could we possibly let him be seen in a disposable diaper for all of our cherished vacation pictures!? The cloth is just too cute to leave at home on vacation. That would be like leaving all my cutest outfits at home and only bringing my dingy old housewife sweats on vacation. After I realized that, it was a no-brainer! I decided that our cloth diapers would indeed be vacationing with us, featured in the family pictures on our adorable child’s little bum.

Here is what I packed from our cloth diaper stash:
·      30 pre-stuffed cloth diapers
·      My Planet Wise Hanging Travel wet-bag- (for dirty diaper storage in between washings, zips shut to contain odors)
·      1 Bum Essentials travel wet-bag (smaller wet-bag for short outings, used in diaper bag)
·      1 roll of Kushies Biodegradable Flushable liners- (these little poop-catchers keep the mess out of the diaper and flush away in one easy step)
·      My Charlie’s Soap laundry powder
All of the supplies fit neatly into our large duffle bag and everything stayed organized and in its place.
When we arrived at the cabin, I set up a changing station on our bed with wipes, a waterproof changing pad, and I placed all the diapers into one dresser drawer for easy access.

A few days later it was time for a visit to the laundry mat. Pick a time to go when everyone is in “veg-out” mode so you don’t feel like you are missing out on any of the action. Luckily, this happens frequently on vacation. :) I washed my diapers, (along with both wet-bags) on their normal cold cycle, then hot cycle for disinfecting. The whole process just took an hour. And really, I was happy to do it for my son because I know that these are the softest and best diapers on the market. If you had to wear diapers all day which do you think would feel better, paper or super-soft snugglie fleece? During the washes I walked over to a nearby grass roots grocery store to buy some new and exotic teas I had never heard of, making great use out of my laundry mat trip. (Find a laundry mat that’s in a cool shopping center so you’ll have something to do other than sitting there in the mat waiting for the cycle to be complete)
 After the diapers were clean again, I bypassed the drying stage and took them back to the cabin where I hung them out to dry in the sun on a spiffy drying rack that someone had brought for beach towels. There you have it! My simple cloth diaper vacation routine! I challenge you to try it, as it turned out to be a breeze!

On this post, I will be doing my first ever blog giveaway. First you must sign up to follow my blog either through Google or Facebook, (the icons live on the right sidebar of my blog). Then, leave a comment on this post telling me if you would consider trying cloth diapering on vacation or if you think I am just plain crazy, just let me know! :) Leave your email and I will draw a random winner who will receive a One Size Econobum cloth diaper! (Brand new of course) Good Luck!!!

 I leave you with a pic of two cloth diapered cousins Mason on the left and Aiden on the right :)


  1. I'm glad you wrote about this - I have been deciding if I should bring our cloth on our roadtrip/cross country trip in a few weeks. We're not staying at one single place though, so I'm a little nervous about traveling with cloth. It sounds pretty flawless - especially since you can dry them out in the sunshine. How many times did you have to do laundry?

    Also, what about water diapers? What are they? Do you use them? And...tell me more about the Kuishes...I'll have to check them out.

    I'll go sign up for my google reader...maybe I'll win another diaper for my stash!

  2. I follow your blog!! And I will absolutely doing cloth on vacation! My husband and I are committing to cloth 100%! Our first little man is due in September and we can't wait. We are just building our stash now. BUt we have decided that at home or away - no matter what we are going all cloth all the time!

    brooke (dot) malko (at)

  3. Sara-
    I had to do laundry 3 times in two weeks. Mind you, our cabin has it's own private beach so we spent most days outdoors with a swim diaper on.
    Cloth swim diapers are great! Their purpose is only to catch the solid waste should it happen but not to absorb the liquid waste. They wash easily along with your regular cloth diapers. Even if parents choose not to cloth diaper, they really should invest in a cloth swim diaper because they act the same as a disposable swim diaper and again you'll save lots of money!
    Kushies Flushable and Biodegradable liners are GREAT for poop! If your baby is a fairly predictable little pooper, you just place one inside the diaper and it contains all the mess so when changing the diaper you just toss the liner, (filled with poop) into the toilet and flush away. This saves you from having to rinse out the diaper with your toilet sprayer and great for traveling! GO to the Kelly's Closet icon on the right sidebar of my blog to check out the Kushies liners. By the way I am now an affiliate of Kelly's Closet so now if anyone clicks on the icon from my blog and makes an order, I get a small percentage of their order :)
    Thanks for reading!!!