Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's True

Have you heard the good news!? Forever 21 has a new maternity line! Mama's to be everywhere can now look a bit more stylish thanks to this trendy new affordable line of maternity clothing! I used to search high and low when I was preggers for cute maternity clothes with style to them but the choices were so lame I ended up looking like a schoolteacher most of them time. Not that there's anything wrong with looking like a schoolteacher, (especially since I used to be one!) but when your not at work, do you really want to look like you are? I don't!
Here I am at 27 weeks so excited to meet my baby!!! (Wearing a non-maternity Forever 21 shirt which actually stretched with my growing belli)
Happy shopping all you yummy mummies!!!


  1. I'm confused with your post (and status updates) lately...are you pregnant (and 27 weeks?!) Or just hoping to soon buy Forever 21 clothes? If so, I feel waaay out of the loop! Congrats. We have to catch up soon. :)

  2. No, no I'm not prego. I'm just planning to be prego soon! :)