Sunday, August 21, 2011


"I dream my painting and then paint my dream" - Vincent Van Gogh
painting with cars- 13 months-ish
learning to use crayons at 15 months-ish
Custom Ornaments by Aiden
decorating or eating decorations with cousin Mason?
Aiden's frame painting
cousin Emma's 1st painted picture frame
decorating a grocery bag for Mommy

marble painting


marble painting part 2

The art-gallery laundry room


  1. the cars in the paint is a brilliant idea! I'd love to hear some other art project ideas for kids - this is where I struggle immensely!!

  2. Thanks! That was an Aiden-led idea too :)
    I'm actually going to start a Toddler art group within my mother's group and write posts on our monthly projects so there will be more to come my friend! :)