Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sleeping Peacefully

My husband and I were nervous as first-time parents our first night home with our newborn baby. We both knew about the mysterious and scary SIDS rates in infants along with their erratic breathing patterns and wanted to do anything we could to ease our fears and possibly prevent any scary situations with our baby. Most baby monitors only monitor the sounds that baby makes but it is the silence and non-movement that is the real problem. How will you know if your baby stops breathing if you are asleep? This is why we chose to purchase Graco's Angel Care Monitor from Babies R Us. Now we have had peace of mind and restful sleep at night.
In the first few months of our baby's life, we never had any false alarms. Recently we have had two very scary situations. The first time, we awoke in the middle of the night to the alarm sounding loudly. We ran to Aiden's room as fast as we could finding him gasping for air. We figured he had stopped breathing for a few seconds then started gasping for air to make up for it. Very scary and very grateful for our movement sensor monitor.
The second scare was last night. The alarm sounded and my husband had a head start on me as I stumbled out of bed, crashing to the floor in attempt to get to my baby's room. This time his breathing was normal but he had rolled all the way to the side of the crib where the motion pad could not sense his movement. Thank God he was ok. We stood over his crib, catching our breath and making sure our little angel was ok. He was resting peacefully and seemed to say, "Don't worry Mom and Dad, I'm being watched over by the angels. And my Angel Care Monitor." :)
Don't think about this one, just get it. There should be no questions about preventative measures when it comes to your babies life.
When you look at the link to this product, be sure to read the reviews.



  1. Thanks Laura! This is so helpful. Can you do a review on slings/wraps/Ergo's as well as carseats and strollers?

  2. Sure, thanks Sara! I did a sling review in an earlier post under the label of babywearing. I do need to add to it though as we also use the baby bijorn which is another great purchase!