Monday, September 14, 2009

Prego-Friendly Chicken Alfredo

When I was pregnant in my first trimester, I was in the very picky stage where not many things sounded very appetizing and had a hard time finding yummy foods to eat. Then one night, my friend *Kevin said he was going to cook for Tim and I. I told him not to worry about me because I had no appetite. He said not to worry, the dish was "prego-friendly." What a sweet guy! I tried, and I LOVED!!!!!!! I was in LOVE!!!!!! (with the pasta) :) I then wanted it all the time and it became my most favorite prego food ever! And I am still loving it now! Here is the recipe, Enjoy!!!!

One Pint Heavy Whipping Cream
Two Carrots
One Cup Broccoli
Half cup mushrooms
One large Jalapeno
One cube butter
One tablespoon flour
2 chicken breasts
Olive oil and garlic
One bag of rigatoni
Parmasean cheese

1. Cut chicken into small pieces and fry with olive oil and garlic, when done set aside in bowl
2. start water boiling for pasta
3. put heavy whipping cream in very large pan on low heat
4. Cut mushrooms/carrots into small slices.  Dice jalapenos, break broccoli into small pieces
5. put pasta into water--usually takes 12-13 minutes
6. in same pan you used for chicken, fry veggies on high heat (with olive oil and garlic)
7. melt cube of butter into bowl, add flour and mix very well
8.  when veggies are about done, put chicken in with them, cook them together.
9.  add flour/butter mix to heavy whipping cream and stir very very well
10.  add everything together in largest pan and simmer on HIGH HEAT.  Add parmasean cheese on top.  Simmer 4-5 minutes.
11. Drain pasta and go to town.

* Kevin lives with his cat Rose by the bay :) He has a sword in every room of the house, rocks the guitar hero, and will get extremely irritated with you if you do not tune his television to the HD channels. :)

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