Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Mom Beauty and Fashion

Let's face it- as a new mommy, you are going to spend a LOT of time in your sweats, no make-up and a ponytail. Hair washed and showered IF you are lucky. Shaved legs? Even luckier! Plucked brows? Huh?
The best way to look your best while chasing after a little 19 lb. monster is 1) Cute sweats. Get a cheap velour hoodie and pant set at Old Navy, I hear they are on sale now. If you have to wear sweats, wear them with style! The velour ones at least look a little dressier than the old school fleece kind and they are comfy as well. 2) WIPES Galore! I have make-up remover ones for when I'm too tired to wash my face at night, anti-bacterial hand wipes, flushable name it, I got a specific wipe for it! Wipes can substitute a shower any day! :) 3) Greasy hair fix? Trying to fake that you actually washed your hair that day? Got a cute blowout that you want to last longer? I use KMS Makeover spray. It's a matte, oil-absorbing spray that adds extra volume to your hair leaving it refreshed and clean-smelling on those days when a shower just wasn't possible. 4) MINT GUM- Just kidding! BRUSH your TEETH! If you don't, you've got issues! 5) An extra hour of sleep is more worthwhile than make-up any day! :) 6) A deep side part-you know, the kind all the high-fashion chicks are sporting in LA. My lil sis, also my hairstylist...ok and clothing stylist, recently made me aware of the fact that a middle part makes you look like I'm pushing 30 years old. And then, with the simple switch to a deeper, side part in my ponytail-I suddenly looked more dressed up, classier, and way YOUNGER! Yea for looking younger! Switch up your part yo! Let them think you are the college-aged NANNY, not the mama! :)

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