Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Nest

When I was pregnant with Aiden, one of my most prized possessions was my pregnancy pillow which I named, "My nest." It is the greatest invention since waterproof mascara. Seriously. Having to sleep on your side can get pretty uncomfortable, but sleeping on your side while you have a gigantic belli is even worse. Tipping over from side to side, back pain, and having your belli feel so heavy that you can actually feel your surrounding skin stretch with each breath you take. I remember feeling like I was 300lbs and I was going to sink right down into the mattress creating a permanent impression on our bed.
Then, I found my pregnancy pillow on Craigslist! And way cheaper than it retails for! We rushed out in the pouring rain to get it that night in Emeryville.
That night, I had the best pregnant sleep ever! I sank into the pillow's fluffy softness and for the first time in a long time felt almost weightless, like I was sleeping in the clouds. It had great back support and kept me from teetering back and forth, fighting to find a comfy sleeping position. My enormous belli was elevated and well-supported so that I didn't have to actually FEEL the dreaded stretch marks forming, (which, ok you're gonna hate me now but too bad-I didn't get ONE stretch mark AT ALL!!!!) Just talking about it right now makes me want to go dig it out of the guest closet and give it another try just for old time's sake. :) The only drawback is your poor hubby wont get to cuddle you but the good sleep is worth the temporary loss of his strong arms around you :)
I think I started using my nest around my 25th week of pregnancy so I was not huge yet but it sure made a difference from the start! And, just a thought but maybe it actually helped to prevent stretch marks because my belli was well-elevated while I slept causing my skin to stay in tact instead of being stretched even more from the weight of it sinking into the bed. I got so attached to my nest that I never spent the night anywhere without it. Once I forgot it on a weekend trip and I barely slept the entire weekend. It was horrible. A fluffy, U-shaped pillow sure made all the difference in my pregnancy just as your waterproof Maybelline does during your secret viewing of those Lifetime Original movies :)

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