Monday, December 14, 2009

Saving Money Creatively

Back in October, I started developing a little drinking problem. No not alcohol people! Juice! Langer's frozen juices because they are so yummy and way cheaper than buying a big, plastic overpriced container of the same thing. I don't know why the sudden constant thirst-blame the breastfeeding I guess. Anywhoo-this is around the same time Aiden started getting a little bored with all his first baby toys. Time to improvise! I took the empty juice containers and filled them with things that were intriguing to baby Aiden but maybe too dangerous for him to play with yet. Pebbles, leaves, plastic spiders (for Halloween), multi-colored macaroni, blue water made with food coloring, and many other random household findings that kept my little one's interest. He loved them! Shook them, batted them around the room, threw them against the wall and let me tell you-when a toy gets thrown against the wall you know it's a winner with him! Easy-shmeezy for the mama on a budget! (Aren't we all, I mean let's face it-I'm sure Katie Holmes isn't reading this.)
*You like how in the pic his shirt reads: "Be Green"? You know I planned it that way! :)

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