Sunday, January 3, 2010

On Hiding those Hooters :)

Nursing on New Years Eve before the party :)

 An excerpt I like from the Lactivist Blog- Nursing Out Loud which tells of one woman's Christian perspective on nursing in public...
"I remember attending the Second World Meeting of John Paul II with Families in Brazil in 1997. Nursing mothers were a common sight at this international gathering. What I found intriguing, however, was that women from "first-world" nations tended to drape themselves and sit off in a corner, while women from other nations seemed to have no qualms whatsoever about feeding their babies in full view of others. I remember one woman unabashedly roaming the crowd passing all manner of bishops and cardinals with her breast fully exposed while her child held on to it with both hands happily feeding. The only people flinching seemed to be those from the northern hemisphere.

Isn't it interesting that the part of the world producing the most pornography and exporting it to the rest of the globe has seemed to lose all sense of the true meaning of the human breast? What a commentary on the sad state of our sexually wounded culture! Breasts have been so pornified" that we can fall into thinking that even their proper use is shameful. In other words, we have been so conditioned to see a woman's body through the prism of lust that we find it very difficult to recognize the purity and innocence of breast-feeding."

My own personal view-Do what makes you and baby comfortable. I'm a situational hooter hider when nursing. Depends on the people around me and how distractible Aiden is at the time (try keeping a blanket over a nursing 9 month old. Just try. They will pull that blankie off so fast and forget all about nursing as it becomes a game for them and frustration for you. Nursing tops work a whole lot better.) 
It's a natural event people. Life goes on. 

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