Friday, January 15, 2010

Fluff and Stuff

We interrupt this blog to bring you an exclusive first look at an adorable baby debuting his newest fluff!
It's the FuzziBunz One size diaper! They are by far the softest fluff on the market. So soft and fuzzi in fact that I'll secretly admit to contemplating trying one on myself...don't worry I resisted the urge :)
This is the 3rd Fuzzibunz diaper in our collection. We love the snaps because he cannot pull them off like the velcro. And like all my other diapers this one snaps to adjust from newborn all the way to 35 lbs. They are by far the most trim-fitting and come in so many cute colors they are hard to resist! They make my cloth diaper addiction that much more...well, addicting! :)

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