Friday, January 22, 2010

Hands OFF!!!

The other day I walked to Walgreen's as we often do for some supplies. While waiting in line at the checkout counter, some random lady turned around and playfully pinched Aiden's cheek and said, "Oh you are so cute baby, cootchie chootchie coo..." I immediately pulled the stroller back towards me and shooed her germy had away from my child's cheek! Most people know it is just not polite to touch a stranger's baby. You just don't go there. For many reasons that I shouldn't even have to explain.  I told her, " Please don't touch my baby" in the nicest tone I could muster up through all my fury. :) I was shocked that someone would think it's a good idea to touch someone else's baby with all the concern of germs out there, SWINE FLU scare, not knowing where her crusty old hands have been and just out of respect for a stranger's personal space-no matter how old they are.
She looked at me shocked after shooing her hand away and proceeded to...DO IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She brushed her hand to his cheek AGAIN!!!!! After I JUST ASKED HER NOT TOO!!!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS THE NERVE!!!!!!!! ARE you kidding me? Now I was furious! My mommy-instinct paired with crazy hormones went off! An instant rush of adrenaline RUSHED furiously through my body and for the first time in my life I felt like I wanted to take someone DOWN! I felt that I  had enough adrenaline in me that I could karate-chop her face with my hands 5 times before throwing her across the store. And she had NO IDEA the boundry she had crossed. She obviously had no idea how retarded she was. So I took a deep breath and replied in a much louder, more firm voice, " DO NOT TOUCH MY BABY!!!!" And then she said, "Why not? "
OMG!!!????? I said, "I do NOT owe YOU an explanation!" and walked away. She was just too dumb to even waste my breath on.
When it was my turn to check out the cashier gave me an understanding smile, handed me some hand sanitizer and said, " Some people just don't know." She's right, some people just don't know. But now hopefully one person will think twice about it later on.

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  1. Good for you! Some people are just stupid and have no idea what manners or social skills are.