Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Great Cloth Diaper Change in Lafayette, CA!

hosted by the Nurture Center in Lafayette, CA
This morning, Aiden and I participated in an international event, the Great Cloth Diaper Change. The first goal of this event was to change perceptions about cloth diapers and raise awareness about the benefits of cloth diapers among the mainstream parenting community. The second goal was to become a part of the Guinness World Records for the most cloth diapers changed simultaneously.
At exactly 9:30am PST this morning, parents in over 400 different locations around the globe from Lafayette, CA to Hong Kong and Malaysia gathered together to change their children into clean cloth diapers in attempt to set the world record. Organizers were trying to get over 10,000 babies and parents to participate worldwide. The results are currently being calculated!
I was excited to be a part of this event not only for the goals I mentioned, but also to meet some other green parents in my local community. As a member of the estimated 5% subculture of cloth diapering parents here in the United States, it is not too often you come across parents who use cloth, let alone even know how far cloth diapers have come in the past few years. (I hadn't learned about them until right before my son was born.) It was fun to talk with other parents who use cloth, their methods of laundering the diapers and also learning of diaper services such as Tiny Tots Diaper Service who will take care of the laundry for you!
After talking with one cloth diapering mama, I was surprised to learn that more mama's in San Francisco used cloth diapers in her social circles than in her current residence in Danville. Hmmmm, being that the San Franciscans are some of the biggest trend-setters of the world, hopefully the message catches on. Being green, (in the case of cloth diapers) is better for baby's skin, the environment and your wallet.

On our way to set a world record!

9:30am PST changing cloth diapers with thousands of parents across the globe!


  1. very cool!!! i think i would be alone here....i don't know for sure but i mentioned it to a korean mama and she looked like i was talking about alien monsters or something....or maybe i haven't met the right set of korean mamas or military spouses yet. haven't seen anyone any military babies here yet either. nat still wears her cloth diapers to bed (just in case. we bought some new toddler ones recently. they're thinner and she says more comfy.) and tries to sneak them during the day cuz she says certain ones are "cuter than my panties mama!" and you know what? nowadays they are. anyways. yay for this event!!

  2. My daughter and I participated at a a GCDC event too, located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. It was great! Yay for cloth diapers! Spread the word!
    PS She is our second child and I'm proud to say I have not spent one dime to diaper her, since she is using all her big brother's cloth diapers!

  3. We were here too! :)

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