Monday, January 18, 2010

Organization Is the Key To Success :)

My old choir conductor in college always used to say this. He was an amazing artist, conductor and vocalist. He could make my voice come alive like I never knew it could with his vocal exercises. And he was meticulous about everything. How we sat, how our music was arranged in our folders, the order of the rehearsal, our posture, with his, "Leave your troubles at the door" attitude...and the list goes on. I'm getting off track, my point is, the guys had his stuff together. Someone who was very successful in his field of study and someone who you could always count on to show up and make magical music happen :)
So long ago I decided to follow his lead :)
Well actually I've always been a natural organizer and I too believe it makes for a more efficient, productive and motivating lifestyle. Clear the clutter, organize and prioritize! :)
So this weekend my parents came to babysit the little one so hubby and I could get some much needed house projects accomplished. We found some very cute dressers that we are using as night stands for all our  junk. Up until now we've been sharing ONE dresser. ONE. And many of my clothes are hanging in those clear, plastic organizers in our closet. Not fun when your trying to find your favorite shirt.
Here are pictures of a few drawers I organized and de-cluttered this weekend. MAJOR difference! Like a breath of fresh air!
Feel free to DROOL over my new, Victoria Secret-like lingerie drawer. Oh and my PJ drawer! I have a major addiction/obsession with CUTE PJ's. You know, in case the President decides to stop by for an evening dessert one night. :) They key to maximizing your space is to ROLL those shirts, pants, PJ's ect. Drawer organizers work wonders too.
It sure feels good to now have more of my clothes and bathroom supplies under organization's control. After almost 10 months of living in our new house, it was about time!

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