Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Singing Every Day and Every Night...

I just read that the month of March is Sing with Your child Month! Aiden and I enjoy singing and dancing together at least once a day. As soon as he hears the music, he moves his little body excitedly and claps his hands. Even at the young age of 11 months, he knows that when we put on the music it is a fun time to be creative, silly, sing and dance around together.
When I worked at this amazing pre-school in Wyoming a few years ago, I was introduced to the Music Together program. Every week a Music Together teacher came to our school and taught music and movement to all of the classes. The songs were catchy, easy to learn and beautifully melodic. Each child and teacher is given a Music Together CD and songbook and are encouraged to bring the music home and enjoy with their parents. I soon found myself listening to the Music Together CD in my car with my husband on long road trips. He soon caught the Music Together bug and quickly started humming along-but don't tell him I said anything about THAT! :)
Classes were only 30-45 minutes long-perfect for the short attention span of a 5 year old and everyone was encouraged to only be as involved as they were comfortable with. Dancing with scarves, learning and repeating tonal patterns, finger-plays, singing in a round, acting out feelings, and having an instrumental jam session were just a few of the fun activities that took place in our classes. These classes introduce children to the joy of making music rather than passively receiving it from the television or a CD. While participating class, it was easy to completely  relax and forget all our troubles of life and become a carefree child again.
Music Together is an internationally recognized program for children ages 0-5 and the adults who love and care for them. The first public class took place in 1987 pioneering the concept of research-based, developmentally appropriate early childhood music curriculum that strongly encourages adult involvement. Parents and children can create so many good memories and bonding in a music class and bring the songs home for the rest of the family to enjoy. Visit the Music Together website to learn more about finding a class near you. I am hoping to sign up for a class as a birthday present when Aiden turns one. I'll be sure to report back on how he likes it :)
Here is a recent video that was just posted on the Music Together facebook page. A Music Together teacher was taking a bike tour through Africa and stopped to teach some children a song and activity to the tune of "Biddy Biddy" from the Drum song collection.
What are some of your favorite songs that you and your family sing together?

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  1. Okay... I do enjoy the music... but perhaps it is my short attention span that attracts me to the music. Plus, I like to hear my wife singing "do di do..." around the house.