Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cloth Diaper Fix for the Heavy Wetting Toddler

Around Aiden's 10 month birthday or so my lovely cloth diapers began to leak! Which ones you ask? All of them! My Bum Genius,  Fuzzi Bunz and my Smartipants. At first I was shocked because these diapers have never leaked on me, not even with the WORST of blowouts! Then I realized that for a while now Aiden had been drinking water throughout the day in addition to breastmilk and solids. I realized that as he got older he would obviously have to pee more. So then I started doubling up each diaper with the regular micro-terry insert and combining it with the newborn diaper-doubler insert. This worked great and solved the problem. The doubled up diapers are of course a LOT bulkier than just a diaper with just one insert and I wondered how this might be too uncomfortable for Aiden in the hot summer months.
After browsing on Kelly's Closet one day during nap-time, I discovered Babykicks Hemparoo inserts and decided to give them a shot. They have SIX layers of hemp/cotton jersey that are only 1/8 of an inch thick! They are designed to be thin and highly absorbent as well. I ordered 5 just to start and after trying them loved them! They fit all my different types of cloth diapers perfectly and they sure are highly absorbent, more than even 2 layers of the traditional inserts! Here's a fun fact: Hemp holds 10 times it's weight in fluid. Which in Aiden's case I'm sure he tested that to the limit because those hemp inserts are HEAVY with pee after their soiled :) (I make sure to rinse them out too before throwing them into the diaper pail to avoid any lingering odors after they have been washed.) And one last side note-these hemp inserts arrive looking very long, maybe even too long to fit in the diapers without folding. But they shrink significantly after washing and drying so make sure to order the appropriate size.
Happy cloth diapering!


  1. I've been eyeing those inserts for awhile now. Since Charlotte sleeps at least twelve hours at night, her diaper is always thoroughly saturated in the morning. I've heard good things about the ones you mentioned - and about using fitteds like Kissaluvs.

    I am clearly in love with cloth diapers because instead of picking one or the other, I've actually been eyeing both...=P

    Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com

  2. P.S. You mentioned following your blog - which I already do through Google Reader. Are you talking about with Facebook? I've been avoiding the whole Networked Blogs application (actually, I avoid all applications) (either it's laziness or pathetic-ness), so is there another way to follow?

  3. Sarah- I now have a weird obsession with cloth diapers. They are just so cute! I browse Kelly's Closet at least once a week trying to make justifications on what I can buy... (this week it's a wet bag and a swim diaper) I even found my self a little sad thinking about potty training, then who will wear my cute fluff?
    Oh WOW you already follow my blog!!??? OMG I'm honored because in my opinion, in the blogging world YOU are famous. And your blog is brilliant. And if you are following mine, well then this must mean I've got maybe just a 'smiggind of something to keep your interest! :) Hmmmmm I need to learn about Google reader, I don't know of that one although I have Google friend connect...