Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Pregnant Tale

When I was pregnant, I was a gyspy wife. I lived in three different cities throughout the duration of my pregnancy. This was due to my husband's job and our quest to find the perfect house during that time. This meant no job for me and lots of spare time simply marinating in all my unrealistic visions of what motherhood would be like. This also meant we were low on the green stuff so I made sure I was resourceful in buying some of my maternity clothes. This lead me to Craigslist, which then lead us to this Vietnamese lady's house one rainy Tuesday night in November. She had used maternity clothes to sell and I was hopefully going to score a great deal. Turned out she didn't have the greatest fashion sense so I ended up only purchasing 3 blah items from her that I ended up only wearing at home and only in front of the cat.
The whole time I was rummaging through her boxes of clothing, we chatted about her baby. "So, is he sleeping now?" I asked seeing no signs of a baby anywhere.  "Oh YES! THANK GOD!" she exclaimed. Sheesh, I thought a little TOO excited her precious angel is asleep I thought not realizing how tired she must be. "You have boy or girl?" she asked. "Boy, " I replied. "OH I PRAY for you, I PRAY for you!" she said dramatically making the sign of the cross like a hard-core Catholic. And then she went on in her broken English "When I first have baby, we come home from hospital and baby don't sleep ALL NIGHT!!! Oh I was SO TIRED and sick!" Well yeah, I thought babies do that right?  " I say to my husband, let's take him BACK to hospital! We take him back" she said with a desperate gleam in her eyes that made me realize she was serious at the time. Oh my gosh, I rolled my eyes at my husband who was trying hard not to laugh. It was hilarious to me but even more so I was so shocked that someone would spill their new mommy wacked-out hormonal thoughts with a complete stranger. (She's the perfect candidate to be a mommy blogger for sure!) She went on, "We take him back, but then I think: there's only ONE PROBLEM..." pausing with the most serious expression I have ever seen from someone contemplating such lunacy, "I HAVE BABY SHOWER! EVERYONE KNOW I HAVE BABY!!!" By this time my husband and I were doing everything we could to keep from rolling on her hardwood floor from laughter! WOW she was really serious! She wasn't messing around!
For the rest of the night we acted out the story, (accent and all) with each other and told our friends. "ONLY ONE PROBLEM...I have baby shower! Everyone know I have baby!" We went on and on and laughed until our cheeks hurt.
It wasn't until one week into Aiden's life at 3am after not sleeping AT ALL since he had been born that I truly understood the meaning of the new mommy wacked-out hormonal thoughts and how they can happen to anyone as I seriously thought about asking my mother in law to move in with us for the first month or so. :) Sure, my thought wasn't as irrational as truly contemplating taking my baby back to the hospital...but it was pretty close! :)
What were some of YOUR most hormonal moments during those first few crazy weeks? I want ALL the dirt! :)
Aiden at around 4 days old

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  1. At 6 days Emily had to have her blood drawn. I am naturally squeamish and combined with the exhaustion of birthing, nursing and caring for a baby for the first time, fainted dead away. On the bright side my husband coddled me almost as much as I was coddling Emily!