Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Bishop-Style!

Learning new skills
Cabin trip to the snow with Grandparents
family time
People always ask, "What did you get Aiden for Christmas?" And my new response is: "Have you seen my recent Christmas photos on facebook yet?" :)
Sledding with his cousin Emma

beautiful sights

uninterrupted time with mommy

...and Daddy-O

Aiden's Mimi

We enjoyed almost two weeks of special time spent with family and close friends eating, laughing, sledding, roadtrippin, catching up, reading, and playing. Unplugged from our Wi-fii, iphones, Apple TV, ect. we spent quality time with each other. We made it a point to make less shopping lists and more memories of fun times for our Christmas. When we look back on how we spent our Christmas, we will remember the look of excitement as Aiden sledded down his first hill all by himself, or how he mimicked his daddy singing to "White Christmas" while holding a flashlight for a microphone. Or maybe we'll remember how whenever he saw Christmas lights he said in his cute little voice, "Ooooh LIGHTS!" We will remember how he said, "MMMMMMM!!!!!" with such intensity as he got to bite into one of my gingerbread cupcakes, painting his first wooden ornaments, and leisurely drives to see Christmas lights.
We will remember being reunited with friends who live far away, making a human pyramid by the lake, singing "Itsy- Bitsy Spider" like lunatics to get the babies to smile for the perfect picture and drinking yummy soy eggnog with fresh nutmeg sprinkled on top.

mommy loves you

Opening presents with Emma
Whooooosh! Down the BIG hill with Daddy! 
Tough guy with a snowy wet face

lots of cousins!

And yes, Aiden got plenty of presents for Christmas as well to answer the true meaning behind your question of "What did he get for Christmas?" Most of them came from both sets of Grandparents and a few small ones from us. :) His favorites so far are his ball/beanbag/ring toss activity set, his foam books, and his tractor. :) 
But I think it goes without saying that the greatest gifts of all were the gifts of time with each other that was well spent :)

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  1. great pictures. I love the action shots. looks like a fun Christmas - a white one! I agree with the "less is more" idea as well, life should be more about making memories than racing around from event to event.