Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

Since I've become this crunchy, borderline hippie mom who makes her own breast-milk string cheese and sings Kum-Ba-Ya all day to her kid, (I'm totally joking about the string cheese! That's just gross!) I guess I'd better acknowledge the ultimate day where we celebrate all things Earthly right?
Well, for starters I was very excited to find out that today if you bring any brand face-wash bottle to the Origins counter to recycle, you will get a FREE, full-sized Origins best-selling face-wash in return! That's a $20, luxury paraben-free facial spa in a bottle ladies! Go to their website for more details!
Starbucks is giving away a free tea or coffee when you bring in your reusable cup today and tomorrow Lowe's is giving away 1 million trees. Ok, now that I got my consumerist tendencies out of my system, I'll let you in on some fun, more sustainable ways you and the kids can celebrate Earth Day! :)

  • plant a tree
  • make a pine cone and peanut butter bird feeder
  • go on a litter pickup walk today around your neighborhood
  • make some trail mix
  • go on a hike 
  • decorate a canvas bag to use for grocery shopping or library books
  • let your child play in the mud
  • participate in a local event Earth Day 2011
  • learn to compost
  • start using cloth napkins instead of paper towels, reusable sandwich bags, reusable shopping bags and water bottles if you haven't already! 

1 comment:

  1. eat at least one meatless meal per week.
    unplug electronics that aren't in use.

    Laura - I love the egg carton idea. Fantastic!