Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh Just Breathe Honey!

For any man who's wondered about childbirth and how painful it really is, this video is a must see. I love how in the beginning he says, "When it comes to pain, research shows that men can withstand a whole lot more than women. " Yeah right, now that's total hogwash! We all know that when men get the mildest flu they act like they are on their deathbeds! Pluck a stray hair from their unruly unibrow and they scream like a schoolgirl. 
By the end of this labor simulation experiment the good doctor has a big change of heart! He didn't even make it four hours drug-free and he was ready to end the experiment. Try 18 hours of completely un-medicated labor WITH the water broke way before the contractions even began, as in my own labor.  (Intact amniotic sacs act as a cushion, protecting you from the full intensity of the pain.) Not to mention the pushing, tearing, healing and breastfeeding! This was a fascinating experiment for fathers to see just how intense labor pains can be but in my opinion provided just a glimpse for this man into the pains of actual childbirth. 

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