Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Woo Hoo! You're TWO!!!

A few months ago, I gave birth to an angel child. (Ok it was actually 24 months ago but it feels like just a few months ago!) He was so tiny yet could nurse like a champ. When he looked into my eyes I knew that he was going to depend on me for everything and I fell into the most powerful love I have ever experienced in this life. He loved to be swaddled tight and held for hours. When he would fuss I would dance around the house in my pj's at 3pm singing, "I Had A Dream" from the Mama Mia sound track which was my favorite album that season. I would get so overwhelmed with emotion when I would reach the line in the song where it says, "I believe in angels, something good in everything I see..." For the first time in my life, I realized the immeasurable power of God and just how good He is. I realized that He gives us a glimpse of heaven through these angel-babies that He blesses us with. I also had never experienced such a high of elation and excitement for life, one that kept me up until the wee hours of the morning just watching my beautiful little angel sleep so peacefully. I now knew the feeling of my needs coming second to this baby and the fierce desire to do whatever it takes to be the very best mother I could be for him. Anything ~for him. Anything that seemed hard at first, I would conquer! Anything that seemed scary, I would give it a shot. Anything that challenged what I already knew, I would consider it. Anything for you my sweet baby boy.
April 3, 2009 

Today you are two years old Aiden. You are such a funny little entertainer, stealing the spotlight and loving being in the center of attention.  In exercising my bragging mommy-rights, I must tell everyone that you eat ALL your vegetables, can count to 10 with no help, and almost have your ABC's down pat! :)
Your most favorite toy is your red cozy coupe. You ride it around the house, your little baby legs going so fast. Sometimes you put your toy cell phone and your cup of water in the back and tell me that you are going to, "Taaa-get" (Target) When you come back from your trip around the kitchen, you take out your tools and get under the car and "fix it!" So cute!
You have SUCH a friendly and sociable little personality! Whenever we are out in public you will walk up to anyone and say, "Hi, no doing?" (As in, what are you doing?) They chuckle and tell you hi and that they are shopping. You love saying, "Bye, Bye!" too. A LOT. You will have a short conversation with someone and then cut them off saying bye bye like 13 times to let them know that you are moving on to something new.
The other day, I was busy preparing dinner in the kitchen. You kept trying to climb up on the counter, (which you know is a no no) and I took you down, set you by your toys and said, "Not now, Mommy's busy." About 5 minutes later I was done in the kitchen and I came over to see what you were doing and give you a kiss. "Can I have a kiss Aiden?" I said to you. You looked over at me and said, "Aiden busy!" I about died laughing. Two is a magical age!
Recently all three of us were browsing REI. There was a copy of Runner's World on the magazine stand with a muscular, shirtless man on the cover. You ran up to the magazine pointing at the man saying, "Boobies! Boobies!" Myself and the two store cashiers busted up laughing. One of the cashiers who appeared to be an older, wiser mama herself said, "Is he a breastfed toddler?" I replied, "Yes..." "Oh that is so good for him..." she said. Aiden you are a hoot!
You had so much fun at the SF Zoo for your birthday! You loved seeing the big Grizzly bears, the giraffe and the lion. "Rrrrrrraaaaawwwww" you said when you saw the lion.
Your most favorite parts of the zoo trip were playing at the park with your Daddy, (go figure) and riding the train with Daddy while Mommy shot some video of the event. Daddy said that when you both were waiting in line and the train pulled up for your turn, you knew it and began to cheer! "Yeaaaahhhh!!!!!! Train! Train!" you said, jumping around clapping your hands! I'll always remember the most adorable, proud smile you had on your little face when you finally got to go sit in the train while you waited for it to go. Priceless perfection.
Daddy and I love you so much buddy and look forward to many more years of watching your face light up with smiles and laughter.

April 9, 2011 Vasona Park in Los Gatos

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  1. Happy Birthday Aiden! You have a great momma - you are such a lucky little boy.