Friday, December 2, 2011

Montessori At Home: Marble Transferring Activity

In the past few months I have been taking ideas from various Montessori homeschooling books and websites and implementing them in our daily home activities. One of this week's activities is this simple marble transferring activity which helps develop hand eye coordination, concentration, fine motor control, and the ability to be persistent when presented with a difficult task.

I thought Aiden would have a much harder time with this at first but he caught on right away. The only frustrating part for him in the beginning was scooping the marbles up with the spoon. He used his hands a few times and then I showed him how to tilt the spoon to pick up the marbles and he got it. He was pretty proud of himself when he had finally got all the marbles into the bottle.

And for the record: I am totally anti-plastic water bottles, especially paying $1.49 for this fancy FIJI water but I didn't have any containers at home suitable for this project because we use Camelbak's in our house but I found this at Walgreen's and it was the perfect size. And by the way, that FIJI water didn't taste any different than my tap water and it didn't give me any super powers...well yet. :)


  1. What a great activity. I might have to try something like this for Maggie, now if I could only find my marbles...

  2. ooh, awesome idea laura! love the simplicity of it. thanks!