Wednesday, May 5, 2010

10 Things Mommy's REALLY Want for Mother's Day

1) A massage from YOU hubby. And no not a 5 minute, one-handed massage ending with you falling asleep.
2) A cute sterling silver necklace with MOM on it, maybe with baby's birthstone, maybe not.
3) Two blissful, uninterrupted hours to read my book while sunbathing in our backyard. An icy, fruity drink with the little paper umbrella earns major bonus points.
4) A day without poop. Dirty diaper? YOUR turn hubby!
5) A through cleaning of my plantation shutters, (which I have been meaning to clean since the day we moved in over a year ago) by someone who is NOT ME!
6) The classic, heart-melting homemade card by Aiden himself :) (More bonus points for a special message written by him too)
7) A hike by the ocean with my favorite lunch, again NOT packed by me :)
8) Time to go see the new Babies movie with the girls :)
9) Let me sleep in an extra hour while you take kid duty
10) A big, slobbery kiss from my beautiful baby

What are some things YOU want for Mother's DAy?

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