Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hello, My Name is Laura and I Am a Clothoholic

Hello, my name is Laura. I am a clothoholic. I am in LOVE with cloth diapers. So much that I make sure to match the diaper color to Aiden's outfit for that day. But never match the dominant color, you match the lesser dominant color with the diaper if you really want to be hip, you know to offset it. Like painting an accent wall in your house. Well,  I accent his outfit with the appropriate color because that is exactly how big of an addict I am. And my baby will have the cutest bum around that's for sure!
I also faithfully suscribe to the Cloth Diaper Whisperer blog which is a wonderful tutorial for entering the world of cloth. They have fantastic giveaways every Friday where you can enter to win free diapers and stuff. They also have a contest every month where you send in a creative photo of your baby in their cloth, or "fluff" as it's called for more chances to win free diapers. Then they make these adorable videos of all the contestants with these tear-jerking mother-love baby songs in that backround and... omg then I just loose it when I see all the cute babies saving the Earth one cute, fluffy bottom at a time. (I know, this is getting really freaky but bear with me it's late and well I'm a woman.)
About once a week I visit my favorite cloth diaper store, Kelly's Closet just to see if there's any new cloth diaper or accessory that I don't already have or maybe a new diaper is out that I don't even know about. This week the "need" is a swim diaper. (Aiden's swim class starts in June!) Oh and a travel wetbag so I can finally start using cloth when we're out and about during the day. (I usually cheat when away from home doing errands and use disposables) But no more, no I'm going all the way now baby! I'm taking the plunge into true-hippie-mama-hood. Never again will I purchase another bag of toxic, chemical-laden plastic nasties disposable diapers which by the way are seriously polluting our Earth. I will be using cloth even when we go on a quick trip to Target and his diaper unexpectedly needs a 'changin! I'll just pull out my handy-dandy wet bag and dispose of the soiled diaper there and put a fresh, new cloth diaper on him. Wa-la! (A wet-bag is a waterproof, anti-bacterial, odor-proof bag which fully seals shut for storing soiled cloth diapers in until you get home) They are also great for storing wet swimsuits in and other nasty, soiled baby-messed clothing. :)
Traveling with cloth is not all that bad. As long as your host has a washer and dryer, (and you ask in advance if they are ok with you washing your diapers in their machine making sure to explain that the poopy ones get throughly washed out before going into the washing machine.) Unless it's your cloth diaper-phobic friend from college who freaks out at the thought of something once poopy going into her washer. Even though her baby poops on her clothes all the time because disposables LEAK! In this case just bring a few Kushies Flushable Liners along to use in your diapers when you anticipate a poop from your little one. These are great to use when on the go and you just flush them away in the toilet just like toilet paper. It's very do-able and very nice to know how much money you are saving by using re-usable cloth diapers, even when traveling. And now since I've saved so much money using cloth, maybe I'll join you at the mall my friend and buy myself a new dress :)

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