Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Behind the Blog

This newest section of the blog will just be some funny mommy to mommy notes that I have received on anything related to the blog postings that we discuss, posted here just for your entertainment. :) (I will ask your permission and change your name before posting.) 
I thought this one was hilarious! 

So, I'm not going to lie, I think cloth diapers are ‘flippin gross, do not waste one second of your time trying to change my mind, but to each her own.
Laura meet Jill, Jill meet Laura. Jill wants to start using cloth diapers. Laura is an expert on these gross little textile poo receptacles. Jill is looking for a good type to try. Laura, please fill her in. Jill, Laura is a natural mother guru. Jill go follow her blog. Laura, Jill is a total green thumb and growing her own garden, she can give you tips on yours.
To make myself feel better about my kids eating pesticide laced veggies and guzzling soy formula by the ounce from latex bottles, keep in mind that while you guys are busy being super star holistic moms, I am relentlessly pursuing my quest to be the biggest skinny bitch in the world. I just squeezed my ass into a size 26…and hopefully made you girls laugh.
Also – this month’s book is ‘The Heart of the Matter’ by Emily Giffin. Go Get It.

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