Friday, June 4, 2010

Veggie Makeover and A NEW Culinary Playground Coming Soon!!!

Do you want to know WHY your kids wont eat their vegetables!? It's because you probably don't give them any flava flavor yo! I'll tell you my secret: how 'bout next time when you are steaming your tot some carrots you add in some olive oil, chicken stock, and a little bit of garlic salt just to give them a kick. I did this and boy did Aiden gobble them up! (Oh and serve them FIRST) He even asked for MORE! MORE VEGETABLES!!!????? Do I have a dream kid or WHAT? :) The secret really IS in the Swanson's broth. Use it instead of water when steaming the veggies, or mix with water. Better yet, get the organic version at Trader Joe Bag's and wa-la!
Are the carrots making an appearance at Asian night? Then in place of the chicken broth and garlic salt try steaming them with a little honey mixed into the water with some ginger. Oh yeah so good!
Peas go well with a touch of lemon juice and fresh mint, broccoli goes well dipped in ranch, yams are awesome with cinnamon, butter and a touch of brown sugar, you get the idea. And spinach, well spinach happens to make a wonderful fruit smoothie, check out this blog for the recipe! Aiden and I are going to try and drink 3 of these a week. One hippie friend says that this smoothie tastes especially good in a mason jar :) With all the fresh, (and I mean Farmer's market fresh) produce going into my kid's body I should probably start auctioning off his Grade A poop on Ebay and call it, "Baby Beanstalk Fertilizer" or something like that :)
One more tip before I go- part of my cooking schedule involves chopping up fresh dipping vegetables on Mondays like broccoli, carrots, peppers, ect. and storing them in tupperware in the 'fridge. If they are already prepared with your favorite dipping sauce then chances are you will be more likely to reach for those instead of a box of Cheez-its :)
Oh and speaking of farmer's markets, check out what's coming to Jack London Square in Oakland very soon...The World Famous Jack London Market!!!!! Oh my goodness I am sooooo excited about this!!!! It will be an amazing place to spend a day tasting and shopping for the bay area's best local and sustainable produce, meats, seafood, baked goods, wines, cheeses, ect. This is so awesome because I was just researching on which farms in the bay area sell grass-fed meat so I could visit a farm and buy some meat. Now I can also go here! There will be culinary events, a bookstore, and organic restaurant all within a beautiful six-story structure with breathtaking water views from every floor!!! Watch the short video, you will be amazed! And jealous of me when I'm shopping there! :) It'll make your local Whole Foods seem LAME in comparison! :)

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