Friday, May 21, 2010

Over the Past 7 days I have...

Welcomed a dear friend's beautiful new baby girl into the world
Snuggled and kissed the chubby cheeks my little Aiden for an hour in bed one morning
Discovered a new trail near our house with a babbling brook and an awesome view of Mt.Diablo

Listened to some live Jazz at the farmer's market and danced in the street with my baby in his sling
Created my own version of minestrone soup with fresh basil from my garden on a cold, windy day
Met a potential new friend at the park
Laughed at Aiden's little bent- leg dancing moves

Felt a horrible ache in my heart as I considered having to wean Aiden this week due to his sleep-biting habit
Watched his curious, puzzled eyes follow a bug on the carpet for 3 very entertaining minutes
Painted a canvas bag with Aiden complete with his handprints and footprints

Discovered a "petting farm" 2 minutes down the road from out house and took my baby to meet the animals. The baby chicks were his favorite.
Listened to his little "chipmunk laugh" in the car all the way home from the store wishing I could bottle it up and listen to it forever
Sang many songs and watched him try to master the hand motions to "Itsy Bitsy Spider"
Ate piles and piles of fresh, vibrant strawberries with my baby and let him smear the juice in his hair
Felt my heart skip a beat when he said two new words this week, "Nite nite" and "Nanna"
Bought Aiden his first Baby Bible for under $5!!!
Rejoiced, as we conquered the battle of the breast-biting and stumbled into a deeper connection and the perfect solution so that we may continue to nurse in bliss
Made my baby his favorite oat and banana cereal bars and watched him clap his hands in excitement before receiving one
Considered shaving my head
Introduced him to his new froggie potty. They're not friends just yet :)
Gave Aiden his first waverunner ride

Taught him how to strum a guitar and watched his joy as he did it
Peeked through the crib into his bed to hear his little content sigh
Felt the grass between my toes
Giggled as Aiden discovered that his playmate has a bellybutton too
Swung on the park swings with my baby on my lap soaking up every giggle
Splashed in the tub as he drove his boat all around
Spent waaaaay too much money on local fruit and awesome natural foods
Found the perfect dress at the perfect price
Watched him drum the drum to his dancing songs
Washed blue paint from between his toes
Started writing my birth story-finally!
Scored a new stroller in a better color

Loved the misty eyes my husband got while watching a father/son shaving scene in a movie
Chased around the house while clutching the laptop from my husband as he was saying, "You better not post THAT!" :)
Realized again how very blessed our little family is

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  1. It's great to remind ourselves how special the "little things" are. I'd love to hear how you fixed the nursing issue.