Thursday, August 26, 2010

Norah and A Surprising Turn of Events...

Originally titled, "The Beauty of the Kindness of Strangers" this story was posted on our family blog in June of 2008. I thought I would tell this lovely little story again as I am getting very excited to see Norah again in concert tomorrow night. 
It was the summer of '07 while we were living in Wyoming and my husband and I were lucky enough to attend Norah Jones concert at one of the most beautiful amphitheatres, (Red Rocks in Colorado) in the world! Not only is this place breathtaking-(carved out of red rocks, overlooking Denver) we were seeing Norah who makes my love for music come alive! It was going to be a fabulous night, I could just feel it!
When we arrived 2 hours early, we joined the tailgating crowd in eating, drinking, and listening to Norah. We chatted with the other Norah-lovers happily waiting for the concert to begin. One couple in particular who were a little younger than my parents, took a special interest in talking with Tim and I. The husband was an orthopaedic surgeon for the US army. He looked EXACTLY like Robert Dinero from the movie Meet the Parents and even had the same witty, humorous personality. It was really entertaining me. The wife also looked and acted so sweet like the mother on Meet the Parents. What a pair! They had a daughter who had just married and a son in college. They were Christians who seemed very active in their church. (The husband was giving a power-point presentaion on Medical Ethics from the Bible in the morning at their church.) They were not afraid to open up about their secret to a happy and lasting marriage as the conversation turned that way. (Tim and I often ask couples that have been married a long time AND have a healthy relationship their secret to making it last and being fufilled from their relationship) We truly value advice from these types of people who have gone before us. The husband and wife both had strong, passionate, and deep answers for our question. He said that his way of meeting his wife's needs was not just asking how her day was, but asking more specific questions like, " What was the most exciting part of your day" or " What was the most difficult part of your day?" These questions, he said, provided a deeper look into the mind of his wife and made her feel better understood which is an important need for us women as we all know. Another thing on the husband's end was what he called, " Servant-Leadership" where the husband is the strong leader, but in leading he is always serving the wife. (Sounds like my Tim-boy am I a lucky girl!) This couple had a deep connection, it was apparant within the first hour of meeting them. Time for the concert to begin, we all started hiking up the trail to the top of the theatre. " Meet us back at our cars after the concert for some more drinks", they said. " We'll party until traffic clears out!"
Norah was an angel! Her captivating, soothing voice transported me to a state of contentment, relaxation, and giddiness that most people can only achieve with a dose of Valium! I just love her classy, timeless melodies and sweet, humble demeanor.
As we hiked back down the huge slabs of red rocks to our car, we gazed out over Denver's city lights with the full moon overhead. Kissing passionately for that moment we felt like we were the two most lucky and in love people there ever were.
As we approached our car, we saw our new friends already partying it up next to us at theirs. They offered us their drinks and asked us what we planned to do the following day. They told us we should come explore CO Springs where they live. We thought that was a great idea, we had been wanting to visit there! As Tim and I were discussing our hotel plans for the night, the couple went off for a minute alone to discuss something themselves. When they returned, the husband said, "Now we understand if you decline, but we would like to invite you to stay at our place tonight." Their friends piped in, " Ooohhh you guys are lucky! They're place is HUGE!" Tim and I were pleasantly surprised with their generous offer. We looked at each other taking in the fact that neither of us had any doubts about the situation, and both agreed to go. We were fully aware of the fact that in most parts of the country, this would never happen or be safe. We knew that this could be a potentially harmful situation to go into with such trustful hearts, but we both strongly and instinctually knew that this wouldn't be the case with this particular couple.
We followed the couple home about an hour and a half south from Morrison to Co Springs. They had a beautiful home as their friends had said. It was on a hill overlooking all of Co Springs. When we walked in, I got the feeling of being right at home feeling like I was at one of my best friend's parents house for the night. Safe, cared for and lucky. We had our own huge room with attached bathroom and living area with a terrace overlooking the city. It was truly a blessing! They showed us a few pictures of their kids and said they would see us in the morning after making sure we had everything we needed for the night. We were both awestruck. I couldn't believe we were staying in this beautiful home for the night of people we had just met hours earlier.
The next morning they offered us breakfast and supplied us with a map for our day of exploration. We exchanged business cards and thanked them profusely. We chatted for a moment about how nice it was of them to trust us in their home that night. They said that we had presented ourselves well to them and they felt comfortable and happy to make our stay easier. The wife then said, "I just believe that people should just be nice to each other and pay it forward, like the movie." How simple yet profound! And, what a way to experience the beauty of God's love from His people, watching over us wherever we travel to.
Now I truly know the meaning of why they call it "God's country" out here, exclusively.

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  1. great story! the red rock amplitheater has always been on my list. Sounds beautiful.