Wednesday, September 8, 2010

17 months

You are my precious Baby Bear, my little "Bubba," my Baby Aiden. Today, (9/3/10) marks your 17 month birthday my little love. You are such a big boy now and we are so amazed at how much you've grown and learned just in the past few months.
You climb on EVERYTHING. When it's 9:45am and mommy hasn't taken you to the park yet, you climb on your truck to try and reach the lock on the back door. You are a crafty little one. When you first wake up in the morning with your squishy little eyes and messy hair you look at me and say, "Nanna" which means you would like a banana and could I make it snappy? :) You eat almost anything I put in front of you. You are definitely not a picky eater, and hopefully this is one of your traits which is not just a passing stage. You are able to communicate so much more now with your baby signs, "water", "eat" and "more" are your favorites. You also remind me when it's time for a snack by saying, "nack", "apple" and "highchair." You also usually tell me when you've pooped by saying, "poo-poo" and start walking down the hallway towards your room so we can change you. Then you open your dresser cabinet and pick out a diaper. It's usually the yellow one with the little monsters all over it. :)
You love playing with your truck and riding it fast all around the family room, turning the corners with ease, and making your car noises. You also love playing with your shapes blender and you almost have all the shapes in their correct slots mastered. Some of your other favorite pastimes include: coloring with crayons, playing with your water table outside, climbing on the play-structures at the parks, using the slide all by yourself, putting together your animal puzzle, listening to a story book for about 59 seconds, (hey it's a start!), rolling around on the floor with your Daddy, and "helping" me stuff your cloth diapers. :) When I point to your head, nose, ears, eyes, mouth, belly, legs, feet and hands you expertly show me exactly where they are. When we put on music to sing and dance, you love playing the hand drum and dancing your adorable dance!
Another thing we just adore about you is your outgoing, "look at me" personality. When I take out the camera, you light up with a smile for me. 8 camera flashes later you are still smiling. 15 flashes later you've had enough and you are sure to show me! :) When we go to the store you love saying, "Hi!" to people in the same sing-songy voice that mommy uses. (Sorry, you'll eventually learn to say it in a more boyish way I'm sure but for now it's pretty flirty and cute!) All someone has to do is acknowledge you and you just give them the most beautiful grin that is sure to make someone's day! Once in the grocery check out line I told you to make your "tough guy" face for the checker and you did. She laughed and called over two others just to see it! The grocery lines got held up for a minute but you sure had everyone smiling with your tough guy face that day. :)
Everyday around 4:30pm you start saying, "Dada" and climbing on our couch so you can look out the window to see if your Daddy has come home yet. When you don't see him yet, you look for dogs and exclaim, "doggie!" followed by a high-pitched, "woof woof!" When your Daddy finally does come home, you know it as soon as you hear his car alarm lock and you look at me and say, "Dada" while running towards the door to greet him. The best part of your Daddy's day is, undoubtedly, when he first sees you standing at the door with your huge grin and you reach out with your chubby little arms to give him a big hug. I'm sure these moments, the look on your face, the smell of your baby-hair, and the cute sounds of your baby babbles will be etched in his heart forever. I know they will be in mine.
When you start getting sleepy you say, "night-night" which means you want to be nursed and go to sleep. You love our time together nursing and singing lullabys. Sometimes you stroke my arm or just look up at me with your big hazel eyes and show me that your world is at peace now that you are getting your milk. If I sigh, you give your little "content sigh" right back. I take one last sniff of your sweet baby smell, kiss your yummy lips and tell you how much I love you before laying you down in your crib. About 30 minutes later you are sleeping peacefully and lately, without fail one of your little legs is stuck in between the crib slats and you are holding your toy banana with the most content look on your face. and I have to take it out and put it back in bed with you :)
Baby Aiden, thank you for being the sweetest most precious little person we could ever hope for. You make your Daddy's and my world so complete, full of smiles and hugs that we will cherish forever. We love you so much and are so excited to take you on many adventures in our life together.

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  1. awww, i adore love letters to children! you're such a great mommy - and aiden is so lucky. i can't wait to see you guys later this month.