Saturday, August 20, 2011

If I Watched TV...

If I watched TV I would have missed out on playing the "Garbage man letter block game" with Aiden this morning.
I would have not finished the amazing novel,  The Help this month and gained the new perspective and wisdom this book brought to me.
I would not have taken the time to write this blog.
I would not have the pleasure of knowing it was I who taught my son to sing the "A B C's" perfectly because it may have been Elmo who taught him. 
I probably would never take the time to teach myself new songs on the piano. I'd probably just stick with the old ones because they are safe and easy. 
I would spend less time outdoors at night with my family and watching my son ride his bike.
I would most likely be less social because it would be much easier to turn on the TV than to persuade my friend to run out to the store with me at 8pm for some much needed girl time.
I wouldn't have discovered all the inspirational, amazing and talented blogs that I keep up with which give me new ideas for fun art projects and outings to do with my son while we are at home together.
I would be less motivated to attend my mother's group events and church events.
I would read less to my son at night and he probably wouldn't be able to pronounce, "Constitution" as well as he can. :)
I would probably consume more salt and vinegar kettle chips, (yumo!) than I should.
Speaking of food, I would probably be heavily influenced by all the junk food ads on TV like Jack N the Box and take up eating fast food again like I didn't know any better. 
Consequently, I would eat less healthier than I do.
I would cook less and get takeout more.
I would then need to loose 25lbs instead of the 15lbs I need to drop.
I might get caught up in all the petty, meaningless drama of a show and it would swallow me whole.
I'd probably not listen to music as much or get lost in it as I do sometimes.
I may end up like a robot, programmed each night to watch this show, then that one, without ever creating anything in my own life.
I would be more numb and less alive.
I'd start actually taking the Pull-Up's commercials seriously and end up with a three year old who is still in diapers! Oh wait! They're Pull-Ups! RIGHT. (My excellent potty-training karma is probably ruined for saying that out loud now but I couldn't resist!) :)
I would be teaching my son that there's nothing better to do than to watch TV.
I would spend less time talking with my husband.
If you think I'm bad at calling you on the phone now, sheesh! Imagine if I watched TV regularly! HA!
I wouldn't have time for all that Netflix has to offer :)

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  1. Great post! If I watched TV everyday, I wouldn't understand the pleasure in making homemade bread and wouldn't get to experience the joy in playing "catch" with Maggie everyday!

    ps: I read The Help a while ago, and couldn't put it down - so good!