Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's Happening

28 weeks

Dear Baby girl-

It is a beautiful Saturday at home and your Daddy and I are so excited to be starting on your nursery. Your big brother is spending the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa at the Folsom zoo so we can devote our full attention to all the projects that need to happen in order to make room for you in our house. We decided to move your brother into our room for a while and keep his room as the "baby room" so that we will have all the necessary baby furniture in one place. We've picked out the perfect shade of lavender paint to match your adorable Potterybarn lavender and pink butterfly quilt. While your Daddy is prepping your new room to paint, I am resting on the couch feeling your feisty little kicks and picking out other things for your room like lamps, (I'm planning on making a lampshade myself with lavender rosebuds on it) a chandelier, shelves, curtains, (your multi-talented Daddy is talking about sewing you some himself after we pick the fabric!)
Color on the left is what we chose! - french lilac by Benjamin Moore

I feel like I've waited my whole life for you, as I did also for your big brother. He is a dream come true and you are as well my little love. I have to admit though, I am a TAD bit more excited to be able to decorate a baby girl nursery now. This is something that I've been excited about since I was a little girl, thumbing through the old JC Penny's catalogue heading straight for the baby girl nursery collections. I loved the cribs with canopies, back in the eighties those were really popular. I loved white eyelet lacy fabrics and hardwood floors. I even got excited about how cute those little diaper holders were that matched the crib bedding and how they were filled with the tiniest little newborn diapers. I have visions of those little wall shelves with hooks underneath to hang a ruffled white dress and a matching white bonnet. I absolutely LOVE love love baby girls in bonnets. I hope you'll bear with me as I adorn your little head in these frilly accessories.
As we begin on your room today, everything is becoming more real that soon- (only 11 more weeks!) you will be here snuggled in our arms. We are all so excited for you to come and add a new element of surprise to our family.
Now if we could only decide on your name...:)


  1. How sweet!! I feel the same way:) Thanks for sharing Laura:) Can't wait to see your beautiful little girl!

  2. Little girls are the best! (Not that I'm bias with two!) Can't wait to see the finished nursery, and meet your sweet little love! (ps: you pick farms are in abundances in brentwood, right? I say we do some u-pick farms this summer - we can carry the babies in the front pack, and let the toddlers run around and pick fruit, while we catch up. what do you say??

  3. Sara-sounds like a perfect day to me! Can't wait! :)