Monday, May 21, 2012


Baby Girl,
Your half of the closet is organized, (the other half is still your brother's toy closet) your tiny little cloth diapers are all washed and ready, swaddling blankets folded, hospital bags in car, your car seat is ready, mommy got her pedicure, Daddy got his whopping cough vaccine, your brother painted you a picture with heart stickers, there's food in the freezer, my hypno-birthing soundtrack is loaded on my ipod, the video and two cameras are fully charged and my power labor drink-coconut water is also fully stocked in the car. :)
We are all so excited for your arrival! Everyday I get text messages, Facebook messages and an occasional phone call from a dinosaur asking if you are ready to come yet :)
Only two major unfinished tasks are still in the works: Deciding on your name, (this has been a hard one!) and securing someone to photograph your birth.
Waiting for the other shoe to drop because you already have so says the midwife and my bladder,
Your Mommy

trying to work out some pelvic pain-38 weeks


  1. Good luck Laura! I can't wait to hear - on both how labor went, and the name. :) My last month with Alicia was agonizing because the doctor told me I dropped at 37 weeks, and it would be ANY DAY! And she was born three weeks later!) I'm thinking/praying for you guys. xoxo

  2. Yeah the past month has been rough! Mine dropped at 35-36 weeks and I've had lots of pelvic pain amongst other discomforts. I'm so ready to be done! Thanks for your prayers! I'm dreading labor like its a death sentence!