Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Leila, You're Almost 9 Months and This Is My First Blog Post About You

Your second vacation in September 2012 to Disneyland
13 Days old
Embassy Suites Resort September 2012
Leila my beautiful baby girl where do I begin?You came into our lives as a wonderful surprise and since you've been here darling you've certainly made all of us so happy and completed our little family.  You are always full of smiles and laughter. You love your brother so much and you just light up every time he comes into the room and talks to you. You squeal with delight and flap your little arms excitedly. He talks to you in this hilarious, high-pitched voice (Trying to mimic mommy) saying, "Hi pretty girl! Who's the pretty girl? " and various other sweet sayings. You also love when your Daddy comes home and scoops you up into a big hug. "Da!DA!" You give him your yummiest, slobbery kisses and he makes you laugh. After we have all had our fun with you- playing pat-a-cake, army crawling after your brother's legos, reading books, and  singing songs then you are ready to snuggle up to Mommy and have some of your milk. "Ma!Ma!"And these days, drinking Mommy's milk is probably your most favorite place to be.
Leila you are the baby that everyone stops to compliment whenever we take you out. "What a beautiful baby!" they all say. "Look at those cheeks! How precious!"
We all love your cheeks! We think they are one of your best features too! So yummy, puffy and soft! Mommy can't get enough kisses on those cheeks of yours every single day.

June 2, 2012
Only about 2 hours old

Leila we are all so excited to know who you are and who you will become.
Love, Mommy

6 months-ish

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